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basicXL Retro Telephone Hand Set - Black

basicXL Retro Telephone Hand Set - Black

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Fun and functional
I bought this for use with a Samsung Galaxy SII, and it worked immediately with no hitches at all. There is an adapter included in case it doesn't work with your headphone socket, but I didn't need to use it. The cord is a reasonable length and the handset is very sturdy and looks good. The sound isn't great but it is a lot clearer than what I got from the Galaxy's seriously inadequate speakers (I can't use the earbuds which came with the phone because I am prone to ear infections). It loses one star for two reasons. One, the manual is very thin indeed, all it tells you how to do is plug it in and adjust the volume. And the other reason is that there is no button on the handset so you can respond to calls without taking your actual phone from your bag or pocket - or if there is, I can't make it work. I find that pretty inconvenient, but I suppose for a budget item you can't expect too much. It works, and it makes me laugh, so it's good enough.

Product Features

  • This fashionable gadget is very easy to use
  • Simply connect the retro telephone hand set with your mobile phone
  • It is now easier to control your phone while you are calling

Product descriptions
Description : Listed here is a black retro handset for use with all mobile phones with a 3.5mm jack socket. This funky device will impress your friends and make you look super cool! It will also turn a few heads when you use it in the pub! Seriously though it has a number of practical uses such as keeping your phone safe in your bag at the beach or the pool whilst you take a call - mobiles don't like sand and water. The handset is comfortable to use, just like a traditional phone and the noise reduction technology delivers a crisp and polished sound quality, in some instances better than that of the mobile phone itself. Use of the handset also allows you to use your mobile for other things like texting, email and web browsing whilst taking a phone call.This handset also allows you to keep the mobile away from your head which is an important consideration if you are worried about the effect of radiation from your phone.

Lets have a look at what you get:

Black retro handset with built in volume control
Detachable coiled handset cord with 3.5mm jack plug termination
3.5mm jack plug to socket adaptor for use with mobiles where the microphone connections are reversed
Multilingual instruction book

We have tested this handset with many devices and it worked with them all. If your mobile phone has a 3.5mm jack socket for use with headphones or headset then this device will work. Tests were carried out with an iPhone, a Samsung mobile, an Android device, an iPad and a Blackberry and there were no issues. The pictures show an iPhone connected, please note a mobile phone is not included with your purchase. Its best to set the handset volume to maximum and then use the volume control on the handset. If the caller can't hear you then try using the 3.5mm adaptor to correct this.

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