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Best of Five MCQs for the Gastroenterology SCE (Oxford Higher Specialty Training)

Best of Five MCQs for the Gastroenterology SCE (Oxford Higher Specialty Training)

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Essential and excellent resource in preparing for the Gastroenterology SCE (KBA) Exam
This book is simply a must have for this exam.

The Good:
Although there are only around 210 questions the authors make them count. Most questions result in having to comb through the respective guidelines in the detail required for the exam to get to the correct answer. Each explanation is detailed and covers topics and guidelines as a whole very well with relevant references that should be looked at on your own.

While questions may seem difficult at first, it is the standard seen on exam day. This book should be done cover to cover a few times while preparing for the paper.

The Bad:
The kindle edition was not nearly as enjoyable to use as the print edition perhaps as a result of the format having to look at questions and answers at different places in the book which can be tedious. I therefore suggest you get the print edition. Other than this the only con was that there was not the volume of questions that candidates are used to for the MCQ...
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Description : Best of Five MCQs for the Gastroenterology SCE is the first revision guide designed specifically for this new high-stakes exam. It contains 210 best of five questions with explanatory answers, each accurately reflecting the layout of questions in the exam.

The book is divided into seven subject areas, covering all the main themes of the exam, and providing a thorough assessment of the candidate's gastroenterological knowledge. Where relevant, questions are illustrated with full colour photographs including endoscopic, radiological and histology images.

Uniquely, the explanatory answers include references to guidelines and other sources to enable candidates' further reading and study.

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