Philips 12972XV+S2 X-tremeVision Car Headlight Great Price

Philips 12972XV+S2 X-tremeVision Car Headlight Bulb, H7 12V, 55W Halogen, 2-Pack

Philips 12972XV+S2 X-tremeVision Car Headlight Bulb, H7 12V, 55W Halogen, 2-Pack

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Overrated Performance
This bulb upgrade has been a disappointment and I may have to refit the original Ford bulbs back into my S Max. The problem is that although there is a good spread of the beam, the 'throw' is shorter. I was hoping with these bulbs I would be able to drive without resorting to full beam so much. The reverse is the case. It seems like I have left the manual adjustment for the headlights to compensate for load, not on the 'zero' position but 2 or 3.

Product Features

  • Up to 130% more light on the road in comparison to a standard headlight bulb
  • A superior light beam of up to 130 metres allows you to see much more of the road ahead
  • Up to 45m longer light beam than standard increases reaction time by up to 2 seconds
  • Up to 20% whiter light than standard for a more comfortable and safer driving experience
  • A colour temperature of 3700K helps your eyes focus better for a more comfortable driving experience at night

Product descriptions
Description : Philips X-treme Vision +130% is the latest generation of the popular X-treme Vision range and has been created to improve the styling of your car and more significantly, the brightness of the beam for a higher quality driving experience. The Philips X-treme Vision +130% range delivers up to 130% more brightness on the road and produces a beam of up to 130 metres; the headlight bulbs provide ultimate visibility and performance. The beam length enables the driver to see up to 45 metres further in comparison to a standard headlamp, allowing for an extra 2 seconds of reaction time. The light provided by the Philips X-treme Vision +130% is up to 20% whiter than standard halogen bulbs, due to a colour temperature of 3700 Kelvin and Philips' Gradient Coating Technology. Philips X-treme Vision +130% bulbs are ECE certified and constructed from high-quality UV-Quartz glass.

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