Voila Rainbow Texture Blocks Stacking Offers

Voila Rainbow Texture Blocks Stacking and Discovery Game

Voila Rainbow Texture Blocks Stacking and Discovery Game

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Kids love these blocks. The combination of ways they can be stacked (velcro or ridged grooves that interlock) as well as the mirrors make them really enjoyable to play with, not conventional blocks at all, I just wish they were still available.

Product Features

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Product descriptions
Description : The 8 multi-coloured blocks display 5 different textures. Two of the sides have matching indentations that allow them to fit together snugly, and two other sides are covered with textured materials that can be stuck together. The last two sides contain mirrors. These versatile blocks can be used as stacking pieces, as well as for discovery games related to colours, textures and reflection. One of many great items from Earlybird Toys - Please see our storefront on Amazon for full details.

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