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An underrated classic
This is the first in the Sherlock Holmes series and you can understand, after reading this, why Conan Doyle's character became such a archetype for future detectives and why he has become such a well known figure in crime fiction.

He is a mysterious, quirky and very eccentric individual who has very human flaws that make him an engaging protagonist. The workings of his mind are so lateral and even now his deductions are astoundingly clever. It is easy to see why he has spanned the centuries and is still so popular today - I can imagine that he was as refreshingly different then as he is now.

Discovering how Watson and Holmes come to know each other is an interesting element to "A Study in Scarlet" as most people know of the duo but few are aware of how they come together. And Watson plays his role perfectly alongside the reader who marvels at Holmes' detective prowess.

The plot itself is split into two sections, the first dealing with the murders and...
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Description : This is the very first Sherlock Holmes novel, published in 1887. In it, Holmes and Watson meet for the first time. It is a fascinating and exciting tale of kidnapping and murder. The detective and the doctor are immediately in fine form as Holmes plucks the solution to the mystery from the heart of Victorian London.

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