basicXL 3 Port USB Hub Offers

basicXL 3 Port USB Hub Writable Memo Pad with Changing LED

basicXL 3 Port USB Hub Writable Memo Pad with Changing LED

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So, if you need a USB hub you have a laptop or a desktop computer in front of you, right?

If you want to make a textual note of something, you'd probably just use the free notepad application that came with the computer, or a word processor or a scrapbook application, or your email app, right?

Now, an external device on which you can draw freehand sketches that you can then ingest into the computer via USB as an image, that would be pretty useful, especially if said device also includes a USB hub, right?

Well, despite possible appearances, this is JUST a USB hub with an erasable etch-a-sketch type pad in the same enclosure. That's it though. The sketch pad is not connected electrically to the USB in any way. You can't upload your note or sketch into the computer.

Thus, this gets as close as I have ever seen to being a completely pointless product. Just go buy a USB hub, it will be cheaper.

My one of these has gone to the charity...
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Description : This 3 port USB hub has a writable surface, which makes this a hub and memo pad combined in to one. The writable surface has a LED underneath it that changes colour continuously.

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