Better Under Pressure: How Great Offers

Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others

Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others

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Better Under Pressure
As Scottish Victorian-era writer Thomas Carlyle once noted, "No pressure, no diamonds." Perhaps this is why some CEOs can thrive under pressure and achieve even more stellar results than under normal circumstances. How can you emulate these stalwart leaders? Executive recruiter Justin Menkes interviewed 60 former and current CEOs and assessed 200 CEO candidates with cognitive-ability testing, behavioral interviewing and peer performance ratings. He discovered that leaders who prosper under pressure share three characteristics: "realistic optimism," "subservience to purpose" and the ability to "find order in chaos." Menkes provides fresh, solid real-life examples to support his views of what it means to be a strong leader. Though he tends to reiterate his main message, getAbstract recommends his clear, straightforward analysis to executives, aspiring CEOs and anyone dealing with high-pressure situations.

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Description : Language:Chinese.HardCover. Pub Date: 2011-4-1 Pages: 191 Publisher:. Perseus Most business leaders can take only so much pressure beforetheir performance slides Yet some CEOs deliver their greatestsuccesses when times get toughest-when customers' preferences areshifting away from a company's products . when new regulations areshrinking profit margins. when political unrest is destroyingsupply lines. In Better Under Pressure. Justin Menkes reveals the common traitsthat make these leaders successful. Drawing on in-depth interviewswith sixty CEOs from an array of industries and performance datafrom two hundred other leaders. Menkes shows that great executivesstrive relentlessly to maximize their own potential-as well asstoke their people's innate thirst for their own triumphs To doso. they draw on a set of three essential and rareattributes:. Realistic optimism: They recognize...

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