Blackberry Playbook Anti Glare/Matte Screen Offers

Blackberry Playbook Anti Glare/Matte Screen Protector (Pack of 1) + Free Cloth...

Blackberry Playbook Anti Glare/Matte Screen Protector (Pack of 1) + Free Cloth...

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The future of screen protectors?
Having had various phones and a tablet its become the bane of modern life to have a screen protector and while you can find all kinds of protectors claiming this and that and some of them are good. There is one thing that they all have, and that is the glossy finish. i like gloss its nice, it looks shiny but it is a fingerprint magnet and they also have a bit of an issue with glare.
Matte finish however is great, there is much less glare and the fingerprints while still there just dont seem quite so bad, also the screen 'feels' nicer. its hard to explain but i find glossy finish is like glass in its tackiness whereas the matte finish is more like running your finger across a piece of paper, its all down to personal taste but i prefer the feel of these.
As for protection, who knows? all screen protectors will scratch and that is why you have them, so its the replaceable 3 quid plastic that gets replaced not the hundred odd quid lcd/touch assembly.

Product Features

  • This Screen Protector comes with an Anti Glare / Matte finish. Matte Screen Protectors reduce the glare of sunlight when using outdoors, but can create a slightly pixelated image when watching media and videos.
  • Protects against scratches, leaves no markings when removed and feels great to touch
  • Easy to apply with no cutting required and does not tear or fold during application. You should use tape to remove any dust on the screen and a Bank Card to remove air bubbles.
  • The reason for the split between Positive and Negative Reviews is because of counterfeit Mobi Lock products sold under our Mobi Lock Brand. Therefore the majority of the negative reviews are not a true reflection of the quality of the product. Mobi Lock is a registered Trade Mark owned by Lock Sourcing Limited so please make sure you order from Lock Sourcing Limited in order to avoid receiving lower quality products. Sellers selling under our brand will be prosecuted in accordance with the Law
  • Please note that it can be difficult to apply a Screen Protector to a device so we suggest that you view and follow this online tutorial before attempting it. This will help you avoid bubbles and get the best results from your Screen Protector:

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