iFitness Neoprene Hydration Belt 16 Great Price

iFitness Neoprene Hydration Belt 16 oz (Pink Zip)

iFitness Neoprene Hydration Belt 16 oz (Pink Zip)

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Almost the perfect hydration belt for half-marathon distance runners and short runs alike.
I was looking for a belt to free up my hands as I was always carrying a water bottle around with me and I came across this - and boy I am glad I did. It's made of high quality neoprene so is very sturdy and comfortable to wear, even on long runs. I completed the Bucharest Half Marathon in April and even at the start when both bottles are full you barely notice it's there (especially if you wear it as designed with the bottles at your front and clasp at the back). There's a small pocket in which I can store my mobile phone and some paper money or keys etc and anything that you put in there does not move around at all. There's also two clips for attaching a race number so I don't have to buy an additional belt for holding my number at competitive events.

The only thing I'd criticize is the loops for gels. Whilst this is a really positive feature to have on the belt in reality it's really hard to get the gels out whilst running as the loops are really small. It's a trade-off...
Product Features

  • 2 8oz/240ml BPA free dish wash safe bottles
  • Water resistant neoprene pouch fits virtually any size smart phone
  • Inner pocket will hold ID/Credit car safely
  • Reflectors for night time safety
  • Two toggles to hold your race number

Product descriptions
Description : Got Hydration? The iFitness Hydration Belt is a breakthrough in both design and functionality. Legendary Runner Jeff Galloway has called this belt "far superior to anything in the market." Its ergonomic design makes the one handed entry and exit of bottles easier than ever before. Perfect for training and race day. This water resistant belt will fit your phone, fuel, keys and has race toggles with reflective strips for night running. Best of all, this belt will not bounce or ride up. Its unique and clever design has received rave reviews from Legendary Marathon Runner and Olympian, Jeff Galloway who stated, ''iFitness Running Belts are the best belts in the market'' The Hydration Belt is available in 12 and 16 ounces plus a variety of colors.

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