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Konig Andrew Alien Robot MP3 Player with SD Card Connection and 2x 20W High Power Active Speakers - White

Konig Andrew Alien Robot MP3 Player with SD Card Connection and 2x 20W High Power Active Speakers - White

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Misleading Specifications
Right - let's get the biggest problem with this speaker / player out of the way first: it's advertised as having '2 x 20W high power speakers' - a great banner headline, but unfortunately hugely misleading. Look on the box and you'll see the specs that actually matter: 'RMS power output: 2 x 2W'. That's right, not the 40W of raw power that you're expecting, but a tenth of that. Four watts. Sure, the speakers might be able to handle a peak 40W of power, but they're hooked up to an amplifier that wouldn't trouble a Stylophone. As truth in advertising goes, that's right at the bottom of the pile.

With that pathetic power delivery goes a sound that distorts horribly if you get up to volumes that could even vaguely be considered 'loud' (as the packaging would like you to believe). That might be OK - or perhaps even an improvement - if you're listening to the latest One Direction monstrosity, but if you want to appreciate more than just the bassline of a song then forget about...
Product Features

  • Cute robot with 2 x 20W High Power Speakers
  • Plug in your computer, Phone, or MP3 player via the 3.5 mm Jack plug or connect the SD card to play directly
  • Control Volume and Playback using his arms
  • Comes with Customisation stickers
  • Charge the internal battery giving 4 hours of playback using the USB connection

Product descriptions
Description : Sound Output Mode:Stereo, Features:USB bus-powered, LED battery level indicator, Supported Flash Memory Cards:SDHC, Recharge Time:3 hour(s), Capacity:800 mAh, Battery Life Details:Digital playback - up to 4 hour(s), Battery:Player - rechargeable, Connector Type:DC power input ? Audio line-in ( mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm ), Included Accessories:Audio cable, USB power cable, Speaker(s):2 x main channel speaker - built-in - 2 Watt - 180 - 20000 Hz

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