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One Night in Italy

One Night in Italy

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The Italian Connection.
Anna, Catherine and Sophie meet at conversational Italian evening classes and become friends, each with their own story developed carefully throughout this lovely novel. As the course progresses they all make new friends and it looks as though this year will be a year of starting over for all of them.

Sophie left home when her parents tried to manipulate her future. She could never forgive them for denying her the dream of becoming an actress and set off backpacking around the world. She ended up in an Italian ice ream parlour in the tourist quarter of Sorrento, pining over a failed romance with the delectable Dan. Tracked down and called back home when her father had a serious heart attack, she is soon surprised by how much she is enjoying her time at home. Catherine is looking ahead. Her husband, who had told her he had never loved her, had recently left home for another lover. Rocked by this unkind dismissal of their marriage she is rebuilding her self-confidence and...
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