Silverstone SST-RV03B-W USB3.0 PC Case Top Price

Silverstone SST-RV03B-W USB3.0 PC Case

Silverstone SST-RV03B-W USB3.0 PC Case

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Brilliant Air Cooling case
This is a solid air cooling case, the design means there are no hotspots inside, because two huge 180mm air penetrator fans (all bottom intakes have magnetic dust filters) are at the bottom blowing air upwards out the top of the case, over both the CPU/VRM area and the PCI-E slots, excellent for GPUs that use larger fan/heatsink combos over 'blower' types. This also means HUGE GPUs are not under mechanical stress, no bending cards! There is also option for a 120mm fan over the cpu backplate area, either intake or exhaust, which would also aid cooling of the HDD/SSD zone which is behind the motherboard, and provides 4 vibration damped HDD mounts and a twin SDD mount, there are also 6 or so HDD mounts in the front, also vibration damped! The PSU is in it's own little area at the bottom front, raised somewhat from the filter so the PSU fan can work more efficiently.

Cable routing inside and general installation of drives does take thought and planning, but the ability for...
Product Features

  • Form Factor:Tower
  • Colour:Black
  • Internal Bays Qty:12
  • Front Accessible Bays Qty:7
  • Supported Motherboards:ATX, microATX, Extended ATX, SSI CEB, SSI EEB

Product descriptions
Description : Silverstone SST-RV03B-W - Raven 3 Full Tower Windowed Case - Black/Gold (SST-RV03B-W USB 3.0)

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