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Sexy and fun with just enough darkness
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Grace is an interesting character: at twenty-three, she is of course an adult and yet just a hint of teenage girl lies around her life and her attitude and this combination is a perfect touch. We sympathise with Grace, when she's bullied relentlessly at work (though the reader may find themselves questioning just why Grace tolerates it!) and her life outside of work - debt ridden, drunk and unhappy - is one that's horribly uneasy to understand and identify with. Objectively, the reader can see that the very things Grace does to escape her unhappiness by getting drunk and shopping, are the very things that lead to the unhappiness in the first place.

Grace's liasion with Vaughn is one that may seem morally questionable to some - to the reader, to Grace's best friend and to Grace herself, at first - but Manning nicely shows the sign of real affection between the two of them. It's clear to see both are 'damaged' individuals but it's well written...
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