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Mansfield Park (The Classic Collection)

Mansfield Park (The Classic Collection)

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Great book, poor e-book
One of my favourite of the Austen novels. Fanny improves each time on further reading and one grows to love her. She does not deserve to win Henry. He will forever remain a charmer and will not stay faithful to one. My quibble is not with this wonderful writing but with my downloaded version which starts chapter 23 and suddenly jumps to chapter 26. All continuity is lost.

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Description : The Mansfield Park of the title, a magnificent, idyllic estate which is home to the wealthy Bertram family, stands as a bastion of English tradition and stability. The novel's heroine, Fanny Price, is a "poor relation" living with the Bertrams, acutely conscious of her inferior status and yet daring to love their son Edmund--but from afar. However, with five marriageable young people on the premises, the peace at Mansfield cannot last. Courtships, entertainments and intrigues throw the place into turmoil, and Fanny finds herself unwillingly competing with a dazzlingly witty and lovely rival. As critic Margaret Drabble has pointed out, the house becomes "full of the energies of discord--sibling rivalry, greed, ambition, illicit sexual passion, and vanity," and the novel becomes ever more engrossing as it builds to Mansfield's final scandal and, finally, a satisfying conclusion. Unique in its moral design and brilliant interplay of the forces of tradition and change, Mansfield Park was the first novel of Jane Austen's maturity, and the first in which the author turned her unerring eye on the concerns of English society at a time of great upheaval.

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