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Resident Evil 5 - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

Resident Evil 5 - Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

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If it aint broke...
Resident Evil 5 is a solid, well produced, enjoyable and fun game and the addition of a co-op mode is a great idea, but it fails to really beat the superb Resident Evil 4, which I will reference a few times so if you've never played it bear with me.

The first major change you will notice if you have played RE4 is the addition of a fairly useful sidekick. Accompanying Chris Redfield on his inevitable trip through zombieoid infested hell is Sheva Alomar, an agent working for the same agency as Chris, the BSAA. The AI for her is fairly good apart from the fact that she rarely uses anything but the pistol, unless you take it from her. You are able to control what items she inventory in the same way as you control your own.

The game mechanics are exactly the same and the weapons, although there are a few more are similar. However the inventory system has been overhauled; the attache case with larger weapons taking up more slots than smaller ones is gone, replaced...
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