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Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Signature Stainless Steel Grilling Skewers, Set of 2 (7/8-inch Wide)

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Signature Stainless Steel Grilling Skewers, Set of 2 (7/8-inch Wide)

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Wonderful stuff!
Amazing high quality and well worth the price.They look like they will last a lifetime. I barbeque very regularly and even after years of practice I was still having trouble with kebabs falling of skewers no matter what the size of the kebab or the consistency of the mince used. Then I read on an Iranian website that it is almost impossible to make kebabs without wide skewers. So I bought these and problem solved.
The first advantage with a wide skewer is that it wont just spin inside the meat and its easier to turn meat around. The other advantage is that while making kebabs, raw mince wont fall off as easily as with narrow skewers, although it is difficult to put the mince meat on the skewer as it is too wide to wrap your hand around it and press the kebab into place. However once done the kebab wont fall off unless the mixture is extremely watery.
One more advantage of wide skewers is that they will cook meat from the inside more quickly.

Product Features

  • All stainless steel with decorative metal handle. Won't rust
  • Flat, extra wide, stylish design -- Food will not slip on these skewers
  • Suitable for lamb, beef, pork, fish, vegetables
  • Handle won't catch fire, no matter how hot the fire
  • One of the bestselling barbecue skewers; scroll down for over 200 helpful customer reviews

Product descriptions
Description : These are best sellers in our BBQ Skewer range from Steven Racihlens Best of Barbecue - Offering superb quality and stylish designs - Grilling authority, Steven Raichlen, host of the popular cooking series Barbecue University and author of the best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series, partnered with The Companion Group to create a fabulous line of innovative, versatile barbecue products. These flat, extra wide skewers look cook and work even better. Ground lamb and chunks of beef or pork, fish, even wet vegetables, like tomatoes and mushrooms won't slip or spin as they do on conventional skewers. All Stainless Steel 7/8-inch wide by 18-inch long. A Must for your BBQ.

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