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The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday

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Witty and surreal (spoilers at the end)
A brief explanation of the plot:

Gabriel Syme is hired by a mysterious man in a pitch black room to work undercover for Scotland Yard, infiltrating a group of dangerous Anarchists who wish to tear down society as we know it. By a deliberate series of events Syme finds himself on the prestigious and mysterious committee of this "cult" and is given the name Thursday (all members of the council are named after the days of the week). From here on Syme uncovers a number oddities in his investigation and the plot becomes more and more surreal.

I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons;

1) The writing style. Its right up my street. Reminds me particularly of the English translations of the works of Mikhail Bulgakov - filled with bristling moustaches, wild eyes and flared nostrils. What I particularly enjoy and appreciate that even though this was penned in 1908 it feels much more modern.

2) A fast pace. This book is only 174 pages...
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