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The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events)

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The Penultimate Peril
Warning! This may contain spoliers:
When i bought the Penultimate Peril i was expecting a great, action-packed mystery book. I had read every other book in the series and had been looking forward to this book for months. I was not let down. The Penultimate Peril is a fantastic book, just what you'd expect it to be, maybe even more. The book is well planned, from beginning to end, with some funny jokes too. There are a lot of events, which are all exciting for the reader, infact i hardly put the book down. I read it within 24 hours of release, and can't wait for the next book. The Baudelaires travel to the Hotel Denouement with Kit Snicket, a strange woman we met in the last book. There, they have a picnic- my favourite part- and discuss what they will all be doing for the next few days. The Baudelaires will become concierges and will try to find the mysterious JS, either a volunteer or villain. Will they succeed? Or will the notorious Count Olaf reach the sugar bowl before them...
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