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A.A. Gill is Further Away

A.A. Gill is Further Away

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A lively read but it's a shame that the section on Belgium is so badly researched. I lived there for nearly 6 months and never encountered the anti-Chinese attitude that Gill thinks is prevalent in Brussells. (Sure, Sino-Belgian relations have been fraught since around 1975 but for most of us it didn't affect our everyday lives). Talk of it being rife in the country is an exageration. Otherwise, not a bad read, occasionally funny insights - I laughed out loud at his comparison of Xeng-di with a mushroom tortilla in a Bruges cafe, but a disappointment for anyone with more than a basic understanding of Chinese culture and politics.

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A new collection of dazzling travel pieces from SUNDAY TIMES journalist and critic A.A. GILL.

From the moment he joined THE SUNDAY TIMES, A.A. Gill has wanted to interview places - to discover the personality of a place as if it were a person, to listen and talk to it. A selection of the very best pieces that Gill has written over the past five years, A.A. GILL IS FURTHER AWAY is a wonderfully insightful and funny compendium of travel writing taken mostly from THE SUNDAY TIMES, but also from GQ, TATLER and CONDE NAST TRAVELLER. Gill writes with a clarity and acerbity that conveys the intensity of his experiences in his travels around the world. His book includes essays on Sudan, India, Cuba, Germany and California. In each piece, there is a central image Gill uses as the key to unlocking the personality of a place.

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