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Cambridge Am10 Blk

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AM10 Review
Very impressed with this amp. Excellent connectivity (including phono stage). The sound improves considerably through use to give you an amplifier able to handle a variety of music, from classical right through to current stuff that my teenage kids listen to. Paired with Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers you get a very well balanced sound. Plenty of scope to beef up bass and treble levels, depending on what you are listening to. Although only 35 watts per channel it easily fills a 15ft by 15 ft room.A simple but effective remote control is included.

The whole amp is well built and feels like it will last a lifetime. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for budget entry into serious Hi Fi.

Product Features

  • MP3 Front Input
  • Headphone Output
  • Tone Controls
  • Remote Control

Product descriptions
Description : The Cambridge AM10 is the amp many have been waiting for! Like the AM1 and AM5, the AM10 offers an unbeatable blend of value for money and sound quality. In the case of the AM10, though, there's also considerable power to go with it. With a genuine 35 watts per channel, the AM10 will not only go louder than most of its direct rivals, it also offers a deeper, more extended bass response and the ability to drive difficult speaker loads. As you'd expect from Cambridge Audio, it's not just about the power, but the quality of sound, too. With a fully discrete power amplifier and oversized toroidal transformer, the Topaz AM10 sounds effortless, detailed and always in control of the music. Whatever the genre, the AM10 has a command of the music that's second to none at this price. It's not just sound quality where the new AM10 impresses, either. Five inputs mean you can connect all your favourite devices and there's even a built-in phono stage for instant turntable connection. In addition to this you'll also find a mini jack connection on the front that's ideal for linking up your MP3 player or iPod. With all these inputs it's good to know where you are and the AM10's neat display gives full source and volume feedback. Finished to Cambridge Audio's usual high standards, the AM10 benefits from a brushed aluminium front panel and vibration resistant casing .For a budget Cambridge amp that goes a bit further, the AM10 is the best yet. Click here for link to our blog review

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